Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Call it a freestyle life, if not, here's a blade.
or perhaps a 14000 ft freefall where there're no shades.
I say its a mental state
gotta call a spade a spade
get schooled and you'll get made
get fooled and you just got laid.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wow wow wow.

Well people...I am feeling like the same Kangaru I used to know when I was Eric...its alright...take a minute to think about that.....lol....but its amazing how much power the web has.
Its 5.52 am Monday morning and I am greatful to his Almighty for keeping me alive to date....I'm going to start this long overdue blog with a quote/philosphy of mine that goes a little bit like this..." You are who you are because of who you were before you became who you are... and the story goes on."
To simplify it..it is because of deeds that defined us before these ages that we are who we are today.....you walk along a street and she hastily passes by you while popping a smile....a smile that "genuine" would be the last word you would use to define...it baffled me at first but after a little while i came to understand....i will explain it in a short while....you see...growing up a black man 8 thousand miles away sort of lifts the veil off your face and magnifies life in a foreign country...I now understand why society is why is the way it is and if you know what i'm talking about then you'll understand me clearly when i say that " you dont know what lies ahead until you know your past"...I stand to be corrected so tell me if i'm wrong when I say that we live in a pretty messed up community if your sister or brother pops one of those tupper ware smiles and then turns around and stabs you in the back.....

I've met quite a few people in this world...some from different continents and others from my back yard...some from different religions and some undeniably athiest... but there's a certain type of people whom i've come to define as the "desert fighters" that have completely had me stop and think to my oblivious self....is the way life and love and humanity plays out....? am i so different that the color of my skin and my outlook on life would be the determining factor in my fate/destiny....? its a very touchy issue and i dont want haste to be a factor when i get to define my fellow desert fighters......i'll leave this on a "to be continuted" status but i'll surely be back wmore as soon as I catch some "shut eye"..lol..
peace ya'll.

One love...guidance and respect.